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Illustrators selected for the Bologna Book Fair

On November 20 the names of the approximately thirty illustrators chosen to represent Sweden at the world’s largest Children’s Book Fair in Bologna in March 2013 were announced. Well-known names include Anna-Clara Tidholm, sisters Lisen and Emma Adbåge, Sven Nordqvist and many other contemporary Swedish illustrators of children’s books.

The ages of those selected range from Ilon Wikland, born in 1930, to Clara Dackenberg, born in 1987. A third of the illustrators were born in the 1980s, which bodes well for a new lease of life for the Swedish picture book.

“It is a great honour for Swedish illustrators that Sweden was invited to be the guest of honour at the Children’s Book Fair in its 50th anniversary year,” said Andreas Berg, illustrator and spokesperson for the jury. “The quality of Swedish picture books is undoubtedly world class, as it has been for over a century.”

Sweden will be the guest of honour in Bologna, March 25-28 2013. The Children’s Book Fair in Bologna is the world’s largest children’s book event, featuring publisher exhibits from 66 countries. The Swedish Arts Council has overall responsibility for Sweden’s involvement, the theme of which is “Children’s Right to Culture.” A jury of ten selected the illustrators, who collectively represent a broad picture of contemporary Swedish illustration. The jury included researchers, publishers, and illustrators. The jury’s deliberations took as their starting point the viewpoint of children themselves and the choices made spanned the last 20 years, with a particular emphasis on the most recent past. The final group of 31 illustrators was selected from an initial shortlist of 80. An extensive exhibition catalogue is being produced to be presented at the Fair.


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