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Via Valdonica 5

26 March 7 pm

My Light Future - Artist Talk

Meet the artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic.

My Light Future is a public art project that uses the language of commercial communication to draw attention to the role of children in society by expressing their ideas of the present and expectations for the future. Children’s thoughts are collected and translated into light messages and displayed in public and commercial spaces. My Light Future attracts the consumer’s eye, but instead of conveying a commercial message it carries an unusual and unheard point of view – the viewpoint of a child.

The exhibition will be shown in shop windows in central Bologna 23 March-7 April
Light texts are implemented in the heart of Bologna.  For locations visit
By Aleksandra Stratimirovic in collaboration with Nosadella.due
Arranged by: Swedish Institute

23 March 6 p.m
Opening at Libreria Zanichelli, Piazza Galvanai 1/H,

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