Glossa Teatro

Palazzo Pepoli

Thursday 28 March 3.30 p.m.-5.30 p.m.

Seminar on Swedish Children’s Literature: a means to help children overcome their daily difficulties

Use of literature and reading aloud, primarily aimed at children, young people and teenagers, is a powerful and important means of helping and understanding ourselves, the world around us and mainly of overcoming the severe difficulties of life. Reading and literature can be an indispensable help as therapy and psychotherapy against the difficulties of living and reading aloud can be a valuable way to bring young people to the world of books. Sharing experiences between Sweden and Italy.

With the participation of:
Dr. Sara Bordò (Augusta Pini in Bologna)
Dr. Pasquale Indulgenza (Augusta Pini)
Åsa Lind: Swedish writer
Ulf Stark, Swedish writer
Janina Orlov, Professor of children’s literature
Joanna Dillner (BohemPress)
Laura Cangemi (translator)
Moderator: Pino Costalunga (actor, director, author, Glossa Teatro)

Organised by Fondazione Augusta Pini ed Istituto del Buon Pastore Onlus (Bologna) and Glossa Teatro (Vicenza)

Glossa Teatro will also organise a tour of the Venetian Region and Bologna on 16-25 March, where Ulf Stark and Pino Costalunga will meet pupils aged 5 up to 13 years old in schools and libraries.

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