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Voltone del Podestà 1/N
Piazza Re Enzo, Bologna

23 March 4.30 p.m.

The Nobel's trunk secret: science animation for children

What – more than a great inventor – can inspire children to believe in their own ideas by trying, testing, improving and using them? Directly from Sweden, some of Alfred Nobel’s personal items will arrive in Bologna and will accompany children in the discovery of his life as an inventor, and in the search of the perfect recipe for his secret passion: soap bubbles. Come, experiment and enjoy.

For children aged 6-11
Length: 60 minutes
+39 051/19936110

23 March (for children and their families)
18-22 March  (for primary schools)

In collaboration with the Nobel Museum

23 March - 30 April

Jonathan Lindstrom: Experience and play, science with illustrations

Thanks to the exhibition of some of his artworks and the workshops with Jonathan Lindstrom – author of many scientific books for kids – children will travel in time and will discover the origin of the Universe and life on earth. The author will show them how his work as an illustrator can be a funny and interactive way to explain, experience and play with science.

Workshops: 23 March open for the public. 25 March for primary schools
Exhibition: 23 March-7 April
23 -24 March (10.30 am – 1 pm / 3 pm – 6.30 pm)
25 March – 29 March (9 am – 1 pm/3 pm – 6.30 pm)
2 April – 30  April (Tue- Fri 9 pm – 1 pm)
All Saturday and Sunday 7 April (3 pm- 6.30 pm)
Families and children aged 6-11
Length: 75 minutes
+39 051/19936110

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