University of Bologna

Department of Education
Via Filippo Re 6
40126 Bologna

28 March 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

International Conference celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Bologna

Children’s Book FairA conference tracing trends in children’s literature in different parts of the world over the past 50 years. In the morning there will be a talk by Swedish scholar Åsa Warnqvist from Stockholm University and the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books. 

Other speakers include:
Nina Goga (University of Bergen)
Martin Salisbury (Anglia Ruskin University, UK)
Leonard Marcus (USA)
Sandra Beckett (Canada)
Hans Heino Ewers (Frankfurt University, Germany)
Juan Mata Nera (University of Granada, Spain)
Sophie van der Linden (France)
Viviana Quinones (for Africa)
Olga Maeots (Russia)
Fanuel Hanan Diaz (South America)
Antonio Faeti (University of Bologna)
Jiwone Lee (Korea)
Åsa Warnqvist (Sweden).

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