Support for Translation of Swedish Drama for Stage Performance

One objective of this support scheme is to make it possible for more Swedish quality drama to be performed on stage abroad. One condition is that the translation must be done directly from Swedish or any of the national minority languages rather than via any third language.

Swedish literature means literature written in Swedish or any of the national minority languages in Sweden. Furthermore, the work has to be originally published in Sweden. Applications for works written in Finland-Swedish that are originally being published in Finland are handled by FILI. Read more about FILI

Application for this support scheme may only be filed by the director or producer of a theatre outside the Nordic area where the Swedish translation will be performed.

  • There is a special form on which to apply for translation subsidies. When the application is filed, the following material must be appended:
  • One copy of the contract between the theatre filing the application and the rights holder
  • One copy of the contract between the theatre filing the application and the translator
  • Two copies of the play that is going to be translated, either in paper form or digitally
  • The translator's curriculum vitae if the translator has not previously translated Swedish plays or literature published in the language in question.
  • The subsidy must be applied for before the play is staged, and the play cannot be performed until the results of the application is received. It is essential that subsidies granted are always to be acknowledged in programmes and or advertisements with the following text, translated into the language in question: “The cost of this translation was defrayed by a subsidy from the Swedish Arts Council, gratefully acknowledged”. The money will be disbursed upon receipt of one copy of the translation by The Swedish Arts Council, along with a copy of the programme with the acknowledgement of the grant, as well as a written confirmation from the translator that (s)he has received remuneration according to the contract.


Swedish Arts Council
PO Box 27215
SE-102 53 Stockholm, Sweden

Susanne Bergström Larsson
Telephone: +46 8 519 264 83


We will open for new applications in January 1, 2018.

The last application dates 2018 for translation of Swedish drama for stage performance are:
06 February
08 May
02 October

Please note that applications received by the Swedish Arts Council after 24.00 on the last application date will be evaluated the next application round.

To apply, use our online service, link below.



Copy of application form. Do not use this copy to apply, use our online service.


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