Partner driven cooperation

The Swedish Arts Council and Sida have four times launched a call for applications for cooperation between cultural operators in Sweden and partners in Botswana, China, India, Indonesia, Namibia and South Africa.


The overall objective is to strengthen cooperation within the field of culture between Sweden and Botswana, China, Indonesia, Namibia and South Africa, with the aim to contribute to poverty reduction and equitable and sustainable global development.  Each project which receives support shall contribute to creating sustainable relations between Sweden and the cooperation country. Shared ownership along with mutual interest and division of responsibility are of central importance in enabling the relationship to become self-supporting in the long term.


The Swedish organisation is responsible for reporting its use if the application is granted. Activities shall be implemented according to the project plan in the application. The grant must only be used under specified conditions stipulated in the letter awarding the grant. Reporting of the grant shall be submitted to the Arts Council within two months after the project’s end date (according to the application). Reporting of the projects shall be results based and should be in accordance with expected results presented in the application.

Any significant operational changes to the project shall be notified to the Arts Council for approval. Major changes in the project, which has not been approved by the Arts Council, may lead to the grant or part of the grant having to be repaid. If the beneficiary ceases to operate the unused contributions shall be refunded.

All beneficiaries must hire an approved or authorized auditor. Audit of the project’s financial statements must be enclosed in the report.


If the application is granted, 80% of the granted amount will be paid to the plus-/bankgiro account that the Swedish applicant have registered in their application. The remaining 20% will be paid once the final report has been submitted and accepted.


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