Current Perspectives/PROTO TALKS

In conjunction with APAP, American Realness, Under the Radar and Coil in New York.


An evening that may contain just about anything. Three emerging artists from Sweden are selected to join the world renowned choreographer and artist Eleanor Bauer in a PROTO TALK. Meet Stina Nyberg, Alma Söderberg and Iggy Lond Malmborg in a setting unknown to all before it´s actually happening.

With PROTO TALKS, Eleanor Bauer proposes a replacement for the conventional after-talk. Instead of trying to explain what we just saw with the already known, rehearsed, and press-released talk, Bauer talks to the artist whose work we've just seen about what remains yet unanswered, and perhaps yet to come.

Saturday, January 16 2016, 5.00PM–7.30PM
163 Bowery #1, NY, with reception to follow

Welcome to an evening with unexpected conversations and presentations of artistry, through pieces of work from some of Sweden’s most interesting performing artists today. The evening is curated by Danjel Andersson, mdt, Ann Wallberg, INKONST and Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson, Atalante.

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