All about Swedish Poetry

This year, our chosen literary focus is poetry. Poetry as a genre is of central importance to the overall impression of a nation’s literary flora; often it is through poetry we first come into contact with literature from other countries.

Even so, poetry is a genre not actively promoted by literary agents. For this reason, we commissioned Swedish Poetry, a magazine that gives a broad outline of twentieth century Swedish poetry as well as a presentation of a number of our most important contemporary poets. Swedish Poetry has been distributed at fairs and festivals and has also been sent directly to recipients across the globe. You can read it online or order a paper copy here.

We have also encouraged poetry festivals around the world to invite Swedish poets; indeed, more than a few poets have already been away and come back. During the Stockholm International Poetry Festival, we met with directors of poetry festivals from Poetry International in Rotterdam, Poetry on the Road in Bremen, Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia and Medellin Poetry Festival in Colombia. All have hosted Swedish poets in the past and may do so again in the future.


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