The works of 31 illustrators represented Sweden at Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2013. The illustrators were selected by a Jury in 2012.

The Illustrators Exhibition was made by artistic director Martin Jämtlid and graphic designer and project manager Mats Hedman.

Emma Adbage; foto: Richard Gustafsson.

Adbåge, Emma

Emma Adbåge was born in Linköping in 1982 and is a children’s author and an illustrator of children’s books. Emma Adbåge received Silver for "Leni is a honeybun" in the Illustration category of the Association of Swedish Illustrators’ competition, “Kolla 2011.” (Photo: Richard Gustafsson).

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Lisen Adbåge; foto: Gustav Adbåge.Adbåge, Lisen

Lisen Adbåge was born in 1982 and is a Swedish illustrator, cartoonist, and children’s author. Lisen has illustrated a large number of teaching aids and children’s books, among them "Kurt and Kio want a Cabin", and "Ten Wild Horses". (Photo: Gustav Adbåge).

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Foto: Karin Cyrén.

Ahmed Backström, Siri

Siri Ahmed Backström was born in 1980, trained at Konstfack, and works as an illustrator and picture book author. She has self-published several books, including: "Siblings’ Day", "Little Mountain", and "I Will Try To Describe You Just As Precious As You Are". (Photo: Karin Cyrén).

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Bengtsson, AnnaAnna Bengtsson; foto: Ulla Montan.

Anna Bengtsson was born in 1951 and is an illustrator, graphic designer and children’s author. She was trained at an art school in Göteborg, and at Konstfack in Stockholm. In terms of children’s books, her most recent contribution was "New Hairstyle" (2011), which she illustrated and authored, and "A Pile of Snow", released in autumn 2012. (Photo: Ulla Montan).

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Ida Björs

Björs, Ida

Ida Björs was born in 1973 and brought up in Hälsingland. She was trained at Konstfack and has worked as an illustrator and participated in art exhibits with paintings, folk costumes, knitted articles, etc.

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Karin Cyrén; foto: Viet Cuong Truong.

Cyrén, Karin

Karin Cyrén was born in 1984 and trained at Konstfack. Her first published book, "The Umbrella Trip", was written by Håkan Jaensson and released in 2011. (Photo: Viet Cuong Truong).

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Clara Dackenberg; foto: Johan Gardfors.

Dackenberg, Clara

Clara Dackenberg was born in 1987. "Now or Maybe Cow – A Love Story" is Clara Deckenberg’s debut as an illustrator of children’s books. (Photo: Johan Gardfors).

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Helena Davidsson Neppelberg; foto: Fredrik Neppelberg.

Davidsson Neppelberg, Helena

Helena Davidsson Neppelberg was born 1963 and lives in Stockholm. She trained at Konstfack and is active as an illustrator for magazines, advertising agencies, and book publishers. Her latest children’s book, "The Prince and The Wishing Stone", was released in autumn 2012. (Photo: Fredrik Neppelberg).

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Eva Eriksson; foto: Cato Lein.

Eriksson, Eva

Eva Eriksson was born in Halmstad in 1949. She was trained at Konstfack and made her debut in 1977. In addition to her own books, Eva Eriksson is a prolific illustrator for some of Sweden’s foremost children’s authors, among them Viveca Lärn, Barbro Lindgren, and Ulf Nilsson. (Photo: Cato Lein).

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Ann Forslind

Forslind, Ann

Ann Forslind was born in 1953 and is a Swedish author and illustrator with many children’s books under her belt, e.g. "Little Big Sisters" and "Ouch!", as well as the "Baby" series. Ann also works as a lecturer in Illustration at Konstfack in Stockholm.

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Gunna Grähs; foto: Ulla Montan.

Grähs, Gunna

Gunna Grähs was born in Hallstahammar in 1954 and works as an illustrator. She studied at Konstfack. Her first picture book was released in 1982 and since then, Gunna has illustrated some fifty titles, non-fiction books, cartoons and picture books, among them "Charlie’s Pillow" and the "Hello There" series. (Photo: Ulla Montan).

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Joanna Hellgren; foto: Anna Lundell.Hellgren, Joanna

Joanna Hellgren was born in 1981 and trained at Konstfack. Her first book, "Mon frère nocturne" ("My Night Brother") was released in France, and she has been awarded several prizes for her comic albums both in France and Sweden. Her "Frances, part 2" was released in 2010. (Photo: Anna Lundell).

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Anna Höglund; foto: Viktor Gårdsäter.

Höglund, Anna

Anna Höglund, born in 1958, is an author, illustrator and artist. She has written several books of her own and collaborated with writers such as Ulf Stark, Barbro Lindgren, Eva Susso, Gunnar Lindkvist, and Ulf Nilsson. Anna Höglund also writes plays and creates animated film. (Photo: Viktor Gårdsäter).

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Maria Jönsson; foto: Jenny Mark Ketter.

Jönsson, Maria

Maria Jönsson, born in Gävle in 1958, lives in Höganäs. Maria Jönsson works as a children’s book and picture book illustrator, and a comics illustrator. She has worked as a freelance illustrator at the newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad since 1990. She has illustrated a number of children’s books, most of them with Lotta Olsson, e.g. the series about Morris the puppy. (Photo: Jenny Mark Ketter).

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Olof Landström; foto: Ulla Montan.

Landström, Olof

Olof Landström was born in Turku, Finland in 1943. He is an illustrator and animator. Together with his wife, Lena, and Peter Cohen, Olof created the award-winning animated films "Charlie’s Climbing Tree" and "The Uncle Who Didn’t Want To Be A Grown-Up". Olof and Lena’s first joint picture book, "Will’s New Cap", was released in 1990. Another three books about Will followed. The books about Will and his mother have been translated into eleven languages. In 2012, "Pom and Pim" was released. (Photo: Ulla Montan).

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Pija Lindenbaum; foto: Ulrica Zwenger.

Lindenbaum, Pija

Pija Lindenbaum was born and raised in Sundsvall. She studied at Konstfack and made her debut in 1990 with the picture book, "Else-Marie And Her Seven Little Daddies". Pija has won several prizes and awards – both in Sweden and abroad – the most recent being the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis for "Siv Lost In Sleep" (2012). Pija was also nominated for an August award for "I love Manne" (2012). (Photo: Ulrica Zwenger).

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Eva Lindström; foto: Ulla Montan.

Lindström, Eva

Eva Lindström was born in Västerås in 1952 and lives in Stockholm. She was trained at Västerås Konstskola and Konstfack in Stockholm. She has received seven August award nominations, most recently for her book, "I Don’t Like Water" (2010). In autumn 2012, her book "Olli And Mo was released". (Photo: Ulla Montan).

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Sara Lundberg; foto: Anna Kenhedd.Lundberg, Sara

Sara Lundberg, born in 1971, is an illustrator trained in the United States. She has illustrated texts for almost ten years. White Lines is her debut picture book, with her own illustrations and text. In autumn 2011, the sequel, "White Lines and Öjvind", was released. (Photo: Anna Kenhedd).

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Jan Lööf; foto: Stefan Tell.

Lööf, Jan

Jan Lööf, born in 1940 in Trollhättan, is an artist and author. He made his debut in 1966 with two books, "A Magician in Stockholm" and the picture book, "My Grandpa Is A Pirate". Jan Lööf enjoyed international success with his large picture book, "Story of the Red Apple" (1974).
(Photo: Stefan Tell).

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Sven Nordqvist; foto: Stefan Nilsson.Nordqvist, Sven

Sven Nordqvist, born in 1946 in Helsingborg, is a Swedish children’s author, artist, and illustrator. His book, "The Birthday Cake", introduced Pettson and Findus the cat. Seven more books about them were to follow. In addition to his own books, he has illustrated books by other authors, e.g. the books about Mama Moo and the Crow, and three non-fiction books together with Mats Wahl. (Photo: Stefan Nilsson).

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Jockum Nordström; foto: Ulla Montan.

Nordström, Jockum

Jochum Nordström, born in 1963, is an artist and author. He studied to become an art teacher at Konstfack. Jockum has participated in exhibits in Sweden and abroad, among them the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York. Jockum’s Sailor and Pekka are some of Sweden’s most well-known characters. (Photo: Ulla Montan).

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Klara Persson; foto: Anna Classon.

Persson, Klara

Klara Persson was born in 1985 and made her debut as an author and illustrator in autumn, 2012, with "Molly & Sus". (Photo: Anna Classon).

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Charlotte Ramel

Ramel, Charlotte

Charlotte Ramel was born in 1959 and brought up just outside Stockholm. Her debut, "The Cake Book", was released in 1988. Her latest books about Cinnamon and Rabbit are the fruits of a collaboration with Ulf Stark.

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Matilda Ruta; foto: Rasmus Malm.

Ruta, Matilda

Matilda Ruta, born in 1982, is an artist/designer from Stockholm. Since gaining her master’s degree from Konstfack, she has worked on novellas, various illustration projects, picture books, and decorations. Her debut book, the novella series, "Thumbelina or The Other Wild", was released in November, 2011. (Photo: Rasmus Malm).

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Lena Sjöberg; foto: Johnny Franzen.

Sjöberg, Lena

Lena, born in 1970, was raised in Sandviken. Since graduating from Konstfack in 1996, she has freelanced as an illustrator. In 2005, she made her debut as an author with the picture book, "How to find a Treasure" and "They’re cutest when they’re sleeping". (Photo: Johnny Franzen).

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Pernilla Stalfelt; foto: Karin Alfredson.

Stalfelt, Pernilla

Pernilla Stalfelt, born in 1962, is a Swedish children’s author and illustrator. In her book, "All Children’s Rights", Pernilla Stalfelt explained the Convention on the Rights of the Child to children themselves. (Photo: Karin Alfredson).

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Anna-Clara Tidholm; foto: Peder Lingdén

Tidholm, Anna-Clara

Anna-Clara Tidholm was born in Stockholm in 1946. Since 1970, she has worked and lives in Hälsingland. She is originally a writer and has a comprehensive portfolio. Her "Knock Knock" series is considered a literary classic for small children. Anna-Clara Tidholm has won several prizes, among them the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 1992 and the August Award for "Goodbye, Mr. Muffin" in 2002. (Photo: Peder Lingdén).

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Emma Virke; foto: Snezana Vucetic Bohm.

Virke, Emma

Emma Virke was born in 1974 and works as an illustrator, graphic designer, author and visual artist. Her debut as a picture book author, "Letter to the Moon", was published in 2010. (Photo: Snezana Vucetic Bohm).

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Ilon Wikland; foto: Leif Hansen.

Wikland, Ilon

Ilon Wikland was born In Estonia in 1930 and came to Sweden as a 14-year old refugee. She was trained at Konstfack and Signe Barth’s art school, and in 1954 she was commissioned to illustrate "Mio, My Son". Since then, she has illustrated almost every Astrid Lindgren book. (Photo: Leif Hansen).

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Stina Wirsén; foto: Ulrica Zwenger.

Wirsén, Stina

Stina Wirsén was born in 1968 in Älvsjö, Stockholm, and is a Swedish illustrator and artist. Stina Wirsén was trained at Konstfack and is known for her illustrations in the national newspaper Dagens Nyheter, for which she has been awarded a number of prizes. She has also authored a series of "Who?" books for young children, which contains more than ten titles. (Photo: Ulrica Zwenger).

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Emelie Östergren; foto: Björn Aneer.

Östergren, Emelie

Emelie Östergren was born in 1982 and trained at Konstfack in Stockholm. Her series and illustrations have been published in books, anthologies, comics, magazines and fanzines both in Sweden and abroad. (Photo: Björn Aneer).

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