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Kreativa platser (Creative places)

Swedish Arts Council will be allocating SEK 100 million over the period 2016–2018 to projects across Sweden that carry out cultural activities based on the needs of local residents and in collaboration with local stakeholders. Those who live in the area should be included as project participants, cultural practitioners and audiences. The goal is to enable more people to choose, create and enjoy culture where they live.

Who can apply?

Swedish cultural projects comprising at least three partners, based in Sweden, who work together. At least one of the partners must be active in the cultural sphere, and at least one must be from the residential area in which the cultural activities will take place. The body responsible for the project must have a corporate ID number, but this is not required for the other partners. Municipalities may be involved in the partnership but they cannot be the body responsible for the project.


The grant Kreativa platser is part of Äga rum, a government initiative to encourage cultural activities in residential areas with socioeconomic challenges or low voter turnout. In addition to Kulturrådet’s support, the initiative also includes Statens konstråd’s project Konst händer, which in this context is tasked primarily with producing examples of public art.


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