Other Swedish government authorities and organisations in the cultural sphere

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) supports the work of practising artists, their development and international contacts. The Committee allocates grants to individual artists and monitors the financial and social circumstances in which artists find themselves.

National Library of Sweden (Kungliga biblioteket) collects all items printed and published in Sweden. National Library of Sweden also collects publications with Swedish links that are published overseas, e.g. works by Swedish authors.

The National Archives (Riksarkivet) promotes sound archive management, conserving, tending and presenting archive material, and also bringing it to life. The authority also administers matters relating to heraldry, etc.

Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet) Board is responsible for managing sites of cultural interest and issues of cultural heritage. Its operations include archaeological excavations, the promotion of knowledge and expertise, and the presentation of information.

Swedish Performing Arts Agency (Statens musikverk) promotes a wide-ranging musical offering throughout the country, distinguished by excellence and artistic regeneration, and preserves and bring to life theatre, dance and music heritage. The authority is also funding collaborative projects aimed at development and focusing on strengthening and creating better conditions for the independent professional music scene.

The Swedish Film Institute (Svenska Filminstitutet) allocates funding for the production of Swedish films, and for the distribution and screening of films throughout Sweden. Its remit includes representing Swedish cinema internationally, conserving Sweden's cinematic heritage and bringing it to life. The Film Institute is a government body whose board is appointed by the government.

The Swedish Institute (Svenska institutet) has the task of spreading information about Sweden internationally and supporting exchange with other countries in the fields of culture, education, research and social life.

The National Swedish Public Art Council (Statens konstråd) supplies buildings that house government bodies with quality contemporary art. The Council also pursues initiatives in other public environments and provides information about public art in Sweden.

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