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Kajsa Ravin, Director General of the Swedish Arts Council. Photo: Susanne Kronholm.

Sweden condemns the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine

Kajsa Ravin, Director General of the Swedish Arts Council: – We feel the deepest solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the people involved in the Ukrainian cultural life, and with everyone who fights for democracy, artistic freedom and human rights in Ukraine, and in Russia.

The Swedish Arts Council has several international missions, such as promoting Swedish literature abroad through the Swedish Literature Exchange office, we host the Creative Europe Desk Sweden and we are the national contact point for Unesco’s convention for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.

The Swedish Arts Council is supporting international collaboration, networks, translations and events. We also work to strengthen artistic freedom in the world. We are carefully following the developments, adjusting our work to the current situation. The safety of the receivers of our grants is of the highest priority. We will continue funding independent actors in theatre, music, visual arts, publishing, translation and events, to strengthen cultural exchange.  During the current circumstances we will not cooperate with or fund any representatives of the official Russia.

Kajsa Ravin is a board member of IFACCA (International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies), a network where Ukraine is also a member.

– Peace is a prerequisite for free art and culture. Furthermore, democracy and peace depend on a continued support of a civil society where art and culture can flourish. International solidarity and dialogue is more important now than ever.

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