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Crisis support for the arts.Crisis support for the arts.Crisis support for the arts.

Crisis support for the arts.

Crisis support for the arts

The Swedish Arts Council has distributed the second round of crisis support, which includes support for canceled and postponed events and for special needs in cultural life. In total, we received approximately 4400 applications and have distributed SEK 880 million to 2682 approved applications.

The crisis support in brief

During the autumn The Swedish Arts Council has distributed 881 million SEK from the government’s crisis support for the arts. The support consists of two grants. The first covers cancelled or postponed cultural events in Sweden due to COVID-19. The second, a new type of grant, provide support for special needs in cultural life.

The Swedish Arts Council has also beeen able to use funds from the new emergency support towards organisations that have been affected by cancelled international activities.

The application periods were relatively short to allow us time to distribute the contributions before the end of the year. 

First call

Second call

Cancelled or postponed cultural events in Sweden due to COVID-19

The Swedish Arts Council is allocating crisis support to organisers of cancelled or postponed cultural events. Contributions can also be applied for by interested parties active in the arts who have worked with or would have taken part in an event.

The crisis support covers public events in Sweden that were cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19 between 1 June and 30 September 2020. The guidelines are similar to those given for this spring’s crisis support, but the forms and guidelines have all been updated in order to clarify the process and who is able to apply for which support. However, the government’s regulations for the crisis support remain the same, apart from the new period for applying for contributions.

It is possible to receive contributions to cover a maximum of 75 percent of revenue shortfalls or additional costs up to one million SEK, and a maximum of 50 percent over one million SEK. An organiser or interested party can receive no more than 10 million SEK. It is not possible to apply for support to cover loss of profits.

Special needs in cultural life

The updated government crisis support establishes a completely new form of support allowing a greater variety of organisations and occupational groups to apply. This support is intended to provide relief during the acute financial crisis, stimulate recovery and ensure a wide variety of cultural expression throughout the country.

In other words, the Ministry of Culture has listened to many of the ideas put forward by the industry. To name a few examples, also included now are entities that are important to the arts and whose main income comes from cultural events, such as suppliers of stage equipment. The Swedish Arts Council will also provide support to interested parties who have been affected by the cancellation of international activities.

Questions and answers


You may also participate in webinars (in Swedish) where our colleagues talk about the crisis support and go through the application form, allowing plenty of time to answer questions. A recorded and texted (in Swedish) version of the webinars will also be available on our website after the event.

Applying for support from other authorities

Part of the government’s crisis support package for the arts is also distributed by other authorities, such as the Swedish Film Institute, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Authors’ Fund and the Sami parliament of Sweden.

Further information about the crisis support is available from each relevant authority:

Other entities that also share in the government’s crisis support:

As do the performance arts alliances, consisting of:

Collected information for small businesses
At verksamt.se, information about further support available to entrepreneurs is gathered together from the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Swedish Public Employment Service. The website provides information about the new reorientation support for private businesses, rent subsidies for vulnerable industries, and more.
See verksamt.se for more information (in Swedish)