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Crisis support for the arts.Crisis support for the arts.Crisis support for the arts.

Crisis support for the arts.

Spring crisis support

Decisions on the distribution of both types of crisis support have now been completed. Just over SEK 1.4 billion has been distributed to approximately 1 800 actors as concerns crisis support for special needs and approximately SEK 278 million has been distributed to 774 actors in crisis support for cancelled or postponed events. A total of just over 2 600 applications have been granted crisis support this spring. Decisions and lists of recipients of support can be found on the general crisis support page.

Briefly about spring crisis support

The Swedish Arts Council has distributed spring crisis support to cancelled and postponed events as well as to special needs within the cultural field of endeavour. In total, approximately 4 100 applications for just over SEK 3.9 billion were received and the Council has now distributed SEK 1.6 billion to 2 600 approved applications.

Special needs in the cultural field

On 18 - 20 May, the distribution of crisis support for special needs in the cultural field was determined. Approximately 2 900 applications for a total of SEK 3 billion had been received. More than 1 800 applications were granted support and will share approximately SEK 1.4 billion.

“It is a distribution of historically large amounts to key players in cultural life,” states the Swedish Arts Council Director General Kajsa Ravin. “These decisions are strongly motivated by cultural policy and the cultural actors who have been granted support will receive more than before.”

The music area dominates again this time and receives more than half of total crisis support. Performing arts are granted about a fifth. Literature and reading as well as image, form and handicrafts account for a small part, one percent and four percent of the total amount granted. All regions are represented in the distribution. The metropolitan regions receive about two thirds of the total.

Decisions on the distribution of crisis support for special needs

Special needs, applied for amount up to 100 000
Special needs, applied for amount from 100 000–209 000
Special needs applied for amount 209 400-354 000
Special needs applied for amount 355 000-607 800
Special needs applied for amount 608 000-1 255 800
Special needs applied for amount from 1 257 500

Cancelled and postponed events

On 4-6 May, decisions were made on the distribution of crisis support for cancelled or postponed events from 1 October to 31 December 2020. Approximately 1 300 applications were received which together applied for support of almost SEK 900 million. A total of 774 cultural actors will share approximately SEK 278 million.

“There were not as many applications now as there were last autumn. As time progressed, fewer events could be planned due to the pandemic and thus fewer are eligible for support for cancelled events,” states Kajsa Ravin, Director General of the Swedish Arts Council.

All art areas are represented in the distribution with music and performing arts dominating. Performing arts today account for 27 percent of the amount distributed, compared to 19 percent in the autumn. There is a large spread throughout the country in terms of distribution and there are recipients in all regions.

Decisions on distribution of crisis support for cancelled events

Cancelled events, applied for amount up to 90 000
Cancelled events, applied for amount from 90 000–440 000
Cancelled events, applied for amount more than 442 000



You may also participate in webinars (in Swedish) where our colleagues talk about the crisis support and go through the application form. A recorded and texted (in Swedish) version of the webinars will also be available on our website after the event. 


More information about the support is available from each public authority.

Part of the government’s crisis support package for the arts is also distributed by other authorities, such as the Swedish Film Institute, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Authors’ Fund and the Sami parliament of Sweden.

Other stakeholders who also receive part of the Government's crisis package:

And the performance arts alliances, consisting of:

Information for small businesses
At verksamt.se, information about further support available to entrepreneurs is gathered together from the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Swedish Public Employment Service. The website provides information about the new reorientation support for private businesses, rent subsidies for vulnerable industries, and more.
See verksamt.se for more information (in Swedish)

Information from the Government
At regeringen.se/foretag, there is information on the measures that the Government is taking to mitigate the consequences of the virus outbreak for jobs and businesses in Sweden. The information on the page is continuously updated as measures are taken. For business-owners due to COVID-19 

Reorientation support in May and June
To save more jobs and businesses, the regular reorientation support is extended to include May and June 2021. The extension of the ordinary reorientation support means that the support will now cover the period between March 2020 and June 2021, meaning a total of 16 months.

The Government is working to ensure that the extended support can become effective as soon as possible after the end of each support period. Like before, the support must be approved by the European Commission before becoming effective.
Read the press release from the Ministry of Finance