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Literature and translation

Grants for translators of Swedish literature

This grant promotes international exchange and skill improvement activities among translators of Swedish literature and drama.

  • 1. Can you apply?

    In order to apply for this grant you must be a professional translator of Swedish literature and drama. With Swedish literature, we mean literature that is written in Swedish, or any of the national minority languages, and published in Sweden.


    Translators of literature from other languages into Swedish, as well as organisations, publishers or networks, cannot apply for this grant.

  • 2. For what can you receive a grant?

    The grant is available to fund work-related travel and skill improvement activities, such as participating in projects or events, including festivals, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and workshops. You can also apply for this grant to cover travel expenses relating to work on a particular translation. 

    Grants can also be applied for mentorship collaboration between established translators and and mentees, where the established translator applies for the grant.


    Grants are not awarded for travel, events and activities that have already taken place. Translations already under contract are not eligible for sample translation grants. The grant shall not reimburse a fee for a translation contracted for publication. 


    Grant for sample translations

    As a translator you can also apply for a sample translation grant for a Swedish work you would like to present to relevant publishers in your language area.


    You can apply for a maximum sum of SEK 12 000.


    For this grant you need to submit a current CV with a list of published works that you have so far translated from Swedish. We also need a description of why you wish to work on the particular book you have chosen, which publishers you will approach, and the reason for choosing them.

    We also need a certificate from the right holder, stating that you have the right to work on the translation.

    One year after the approval of the application we need a report. Please use the report form further down on this web page.

  • 3. When can you apply?

    Applications are open all year round, but submitted applications are evaluated four times a year. Your application must be made in good time before the date of departure/the event.


    Please note that applications received by the Swedish Arts Council after 24.00 on the last application date will be evaluated in the next application round.


    Application dates 2021

    Application dates 2021 for all grants. Get an overview.

    Application dates 2021

  • 4. How do you apply?

    Your application is submitted online. The application must include a current CV with a list of published works that you have translated from Swedish. It also needs to contain an accurate description of what the project concerns. If your application concerns work-related travel, the date of the travel and a detailed budget must be provided. 


  • 5. How is your application assessed?

    The applications are assessed by the Swedish Literature Exchange team. Each application is assessed individually as well as being weighed up against other applications and grant allocations as a whole. Decisions will be taken by the Department Head of the Department for Literature and Libraries up to five weeks after the application deadline and communicated to you by e-mail. There is no appeal against the decision. 


    Once approved, the grant will be paid to the plusgiro, bankgiro or bank account stated in the application.


    Guidelines for grants to translators of Swedish literature and drama

    General conditions

    Terms and conditions for those who are awarded a grant from the Swedish Arts Council.

    General conditions

  • 6. What do you need to report?

    • Your grant must be used as described in the plan you submitted in the application, and in line with the terms stated in the decision. 

    • You need to submit a report on the grant to the Swedish Arts Council by the date stated in the decision. An economic report verifying your expenses needs to be enclosed, together with a description of the project.

    • If significant changes are made to the project as compared with the information you provided in the application, the Swedish Arts Council must be informed – changes may mean that the grant or parts of the grant must be repaid.

    • On request, you must submit an original receipt showing how the grant was used. 

    Report form

Frequently asked questions


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