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Literature and translation

Swedish literature abroad – grants for promotion, travel and themed events

This grant aims to promote high quality Swedish literature and drama internationally. Invite authors, arrange a themed event, publish a magazine on Swedish books, arrange a translation workshop.

  • 1. Can you apply?

    In order to apply for this grant you must be an organisation, publisher or literature festival who wants to arrange events, publications or workshops on high quality Swedish literature and drama in translation.

  • 2. For what can you receive a grant?

    You may apply for funding to help cover the cost of inviting Swedish authors in conjunction with book launches, literary festivals or similar events.


    You may also apply for funding for projects involving Swedish literature or drama. This could be for example costs for translation seminars and workshops, collaborative literary projects and themed events on Swedish literature or drama. It could be costs for travel, fees, translations, marketing or other costs within the project.


    Financial support may also be awarded to information campaigns and publications aimed at promoting Swedish literature internationally. 


    We can also support projects involving authors not yet translated into the language in question. Translation costs may be covered if incurred within the framework of a project or event, and only for a shorter sample. Applications for internal activities and projects that do not explicitly aim to promote Swedish literature or drama will not be considered. For licensed translations of a complete work, you apply for Translation support. Support scheme for Swedish literature in translation (NON-NORDIC)


    The Swedish Arts Council cannot approve funds for events that have already taken place.

  • 3. When can you apply?

    Applications are open all year round, but submitted applications are evaluated four times a year. 

    Please note that your application must be received by the Swedish Arts Council no later than 24.00 on the last application date. If your application is submitted outside of the application period or after the deadline, it will be evaluated in the next application round.  


    Application dates 2021

    Application dates 2021 for all grants. Get an overview.

    Application dates 2021

  • 4. How do you apply?

    Your application is submitted online, via our online service. Applications must include a project description, a budget, aims and objectives. Your budget must clearly specify the costs for which funding is applied. Incomplete applications not fully amended within the application deadline will be treated as late submissions.

    Copy of the application form

    Please note that the form may be changed. The copy should not be posted.

    Copy of the application form

  • 5. How is your application assessed?

    The applications are assessed by the Swedish Literature Exchange team. Each application is assessed individually as well as being weighed up against other applications and grant allocations as a whole. Decisions will be taken by the Swedish Arts Council up to six weeks after the application deadline and communicated to you by e-mail. There is no appeal against the decision. 


    Your application is assessed according to the quality of the project proposed and its ability to reach a wide audience. The introduction of first time authors and contemporary authorships are prioritised, as are children’s and young adult literature, poetry and drama. 


    Criteria considered include whether the proposed project is funded by an other part than by the applied grant money, and if the project can help increase the visibility of Swedish literature in the language in question.


    When grants have been allocated, confirmation will be sent to all applicants by email. A list of allocated grants will be published on the Swedish Literature website. Decisions cannot be appealed.

    General conditions

    Terms and conditions for those who are awarded a grant from the Swedish Arts Council

    General conditions

  • 6. What do you need to report?

    All the activities you propose must be carried out within the timeframe specified in the application and the grant must be used according to stated conditions. You must submit a full evaluative report to the Swedish Arts Council no later than two months after the completion of your project. Your report must include both a detailed account of expenses and a report summarising the impact of your project. If your proposed plan changes, the Swedish Arts Council must be informed without delay. Such changes may lead to funding being reclaimed. If your planned activities are cancelled prematurely, all unused funds must be returned. 


    You must acknowledge the support received from the Swedish Arts Council in all marketing and information material related to your project and include The Swedish Arts Council logo where appropriate.

    Swedish Arts Council logotype 

    Report form

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