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Literature and translation

Swedish literature in translation (Non-Nordic languages)

This grant aims to promote translation of Swedish literature into other, non-Nordic, languages.

Application dates 2021

The support for translation of Swedish literature aims at making Swedish literature available in other languages. Photograph: Susanne Kronholm.

  • 1. Can you apply?

    In order to apply for this grant you must be a professional publisher who wants to publish a Swedish book translated into a non-Nordic language. (A separate grant is available for Nordic publishers). You must have a plan for a professional distribution of the translation in question.

    Any publishing house applying for this grant must have both well-documented experience of publishing quality literature as well as professional distribution channels.

    Neither translators nor authors may apply for translation- or production subsidies through the Swedish Arts Council support scheme. 

  • 2. For what can you receive a grant?

    The grant covers either translation costs or both translation- and some production costs for translated editions of Swedish works. Swedish works includes literature written in Swedish or any of the national minority languages in Sweden, and originally published in Sweden. 

    Applications for works written in Swedish that are originally being published in Finland are handled by FILI. 
    Read more about FILI. 

    A condition for the grant is that the translation is done directly from Swedish or any of the national minority languages rather than via any third language.

    The grant applies to translation of: 

    • prose fiction, poetry, picture books, comics and graphic novels for adults, children and young adults
    • non-fiction in the area of general culture
    • essays
    • drama for publication in book form

    The support scheme does not apply to translation of:

    • scholarly dissertations or research reports
    • text books, instruction manuals
    • reference books, handbooks, year books
    • cookbooks, how-to-books, travel guides, etc.
    • crime novels and other kind of formula literature – exceptions can be made in some cases if the work can be seen as an example of renewal of the genre. 

    Irrespective of genre, the work for which a subsidy is being applied must be of high quality in terms of both language and literary qualities. The grant
    is meant to support translation of contemporary works, but support could also be given to classics. Priority will be given to introduction of the work of contemporary Swedish authors into languages where there are no or few previous translations of that author's work. 

    The sum you apply for should correspond to the sum you have agreed to in the signed translation contract with the translator. A maximum sum of SEK 10 000 can be applied as production support, but only for fully illustrated fourcolour picturebooks, non-fiction or comics and graphic novels. Non- or partly illustrated books or books with black and white illustrations (except in some cases, such as comics) are not eligible for production support. The grant cannot cover copyright costs.

  • 3. When can you apply?

    Applications are open all year round, but submitted applications are evaluated three times a year. Your application must be sent in before the book has been printed and published. The book cannot be printed before the results of the application have been sent out, so do remember to apply in time.


    Please note that your application must be received by the Swedish Arts Council no later than 24.00 on the last application date. If your application is submitted outside of the application period or after the deadline, it will be evaluated in the next application round.


    Application dates 2021

    Application dates 2021 for all grants. Get an overview.

    Application dates 2021

  • 4. How do you apply?

    Your application is submitted online, via our online service. Only one work per application is accepted. The application must include the following material: 


    • A scanned copy of the signed contract between the publishing house filing the application and the rights holder 

    • A scanned copy of the signed contract between the publishing house filing the application and the translator

    • A pdf/word file or e-book of the original book, no later than 7 days after application deadline. (Or two copies of the original book). For applications regarding anthologies – scanned/photocopied samples of the included material must be enclosed. Mark the envelope/email with “Application for translation grant” and the case number. 

    • The translator's curriculum vitae 


    In case we haven’t received all necessary material in time, the application will automatically be postponed until the next application round. 


    Copy of the application form

    Please note that the form may be changed. The copy should not be posted.


    Copy of the application form

  • 5. How is your application assessed?

    All the applications received during each application period are evaluated at the same time by an external expert committee. Decisions will be taken by the Swedish Arts Council approximately eight weeks after each application deadline, and will be communicated to you, the translator and the rights holder via e-mail.

    A list of allocated grants will be published on the Swedish Literature website. Decisions cannot be appealed. 


    General conditions

    Terms and conditions for those who are awarded a grant from the Swedish Arts Council

    General conditions

  • 6. What do you need to report?

    Subsidies granted will be disbursed by the Swedish Arts Council upon:

    • receipt of four copies of the published translation, where it is clearly stated that subsidies granted are acknowledged with the following text, translated into the language in question: “The cost of this translation was defrayed by a subsidy from the Swedish Arts Council, gratefully acknowledged.”
    • receipt of a written confirmation from the translator that (s)he has received payments according to the signed contract (e-mail).

    If your application is approved, the granted sum is available for one year, so all the above mentioned criteria must be fulfilled during the year following the approval of the grant. If problems should arise, please contact the Swedish Arts Council immediately.


    Translator confirmation form

Frequently asked questions


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