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How does the war in Ukraine affect the awarding of grants?

Sweden has unequivocally condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The following is a description of the position taken by the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet) regarding cultural collaboration projects with Russia and Belarus.

We are complying with the Government directive that contacts and cooperation with State institutions in Russia and Belarus cease. In addition, no new contacts or undertakings will be initiated.

Contacts between individuals and groups in Sweden that are engaged in cultural activities and their counterparts in Russia and Belarus, however, cannot be equated with involvement with State institutions in those countries. There are many individual authors, artists and journalists who are actively involved in opposition to the Russian government’s policies. Consequently, the Swedish Arts Council will not categorically cease contacts with all Russians involved in cultural activities.

Instead, we will examine each case on its own merits in order to determine, to the extent possible, whether individual contacts and cooperation are appropriate. We will also comply with the Government directive to consider that security policy aspects of these instances of collaboration. The Swedish Arts Council is now applying a strict approach to any payments, applications, agreements and similar matters that involve Russian and Belarussian recipients.