Swedish Comics

Your update on Swedish Comics, with portraits of ten Swedish artists.

This is your guide to brilliant independent Swedish comic books and graphic novels. The artists and books presented here have been selected by writer and critic Alexandra Sundqvist, who also wrote the accompanying text. This booklet does not aim to cover everything published in Sweden. Rather, the selection is an expression of the writer’s personal views.

This publication is part of The Swedish Arts Council’s duties to coordinate efforts aimed at enhancing the status of high-quality Swedish literature outside of Sweden, and to support international literary collaboration. The Swedish Arts Council administers grants and provides information abroad about Swedish literature and Swedish authors.

We offer support for translations and other projects, as well as travel grants for publishers, organisations and translators of Swedish literature. Publishers can apply for translation grants to publish Swedish literature, including comic books and graphic novels. Foreign and Swedish organisations and Publishers can apply for project grants for literary events
featuring Swedish literature, including comic books and graphic novels.

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