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Madonna by Sara Villius, Norstedts. (Cropped image).Madonna by Sara Villius, Norstedts. (Cropped image).Madonna by Sara Villius, Norstedts. (Cropped image).

Madonna by Sara Villius, Norstedts. (Cropped image).

Approved applications for grants for translators of Swedish literature

The second round for 2020 is now completed and we are thrilled to announce that we have approved sample translations for contemporary drama, literature for the Spanish book market and children’s literature for the Asian market, among others.

Below you can see some of the approved applications for the second round.

Contemporary drama:

Jonas Hassen Khemiri, five plays (Spanish)
Per Naroskin's play När vi ändå är här (German)
Alexanders Salzberger's play, Äkta känna äkta (German)

For the Spanish speaking bookmarket we also approved grants to:

Eva Kristina Olsson, Det ängelsgröna sakramentet (poetry)
Jan Henrik Swahn, Nekob (novel)

Two children’s books will be presented to publishing agencies in Japan and Iran:

Lisa Moroni, Kurrans skatt (Japan)
Lena Ollmark, Mardrömssällskapet (Iran)

And we approved three applications for books from 2019 that have received much attention in Sweden:

Sara Villius, Madonna (novel, Polish)
Daniel Gustafssons, Odenplan (novel, Russian)
Matilda Gustavsson, Klubben (non-fiction, Japanese)

View the full list of approved applications