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Grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama

Distribution of grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama, first application round 2023. We are happy that the great interest for the grant remains and for receiving such high-quality applications from several countries. Out of 38 received applications, 27 were approved.

Here we list some of the projects:

Pop Women Festival in Reims, France, will invite Liv Strömquist to participate in the festival with its concept of 3 days of celebration in honour of Pop Culture and Female Creativity.

The Polish Literary Translators’ Association will arrange a seminar for translators from Swedish to Polish. An important part of the seminar is the integration of younger translators of Swedish literature.   

The publishing house Fandango Libri in Italy will invite Johan Ehn to promote his young adult book Hästpojkarna, which has been publish in January 2023 in Italy. A tour will be organised with four stops from the north to the south of Italy.

Hamelin Cultural Association will arrange several activities to celebrate Sven Nordqvist long career at the Bologna Children´s Bookfair 2023, where he also will be involved in BOOM! a scuola, the festival programme specifically targeted to schools. There will also be a solo exhibition hosted at ZOO, a gallery in city central of Bologna.

The publishing house Gatopardo ediciones in Spain will promote Detaljerna by Ia Genberg. They will arrange a book presentation of the Spanish and Catalan editions at La Central in Barcelona. The presentation will consist of a conversation between Ia Genberg and Spanish author Laura Ferrero. There will also be an interview in the public Catalan TV Channel.


This grant aims to promote high quality Swedish literature and drama internationally. A grant for promotion, travel and themed events with the purpose to promote Swedish literature in translation may be applied for by publishers, festivals and other organizations.


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More information about this round and distributed grants

Grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama