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Eufori by Elin Cullhed was recently awarded the August prize 2021.

A variety of genres in the third application round for translation of Swedish literature

In this round we were thrilled to see a large number of high-quality applications from the Nordic countries. Overall, the international interest in Swedish literature remains at a high level.

The third application round in 2021 for grants for translation of Swedish literature and drama has closed with an outcome of 3 million SEK awarded to 127 different book projects.

The title with the highest number of applications were the graphic novel Inne i spegelsalen by Liv Strömqvist. With the help of philosophical and sociological theories the book reflects upon our time’s preoccupation with being beautiful, and always ready to photograph and be photographed. And it tells of some women throughout history whose lives have been governed by their appearance. The book will be translated into German, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, and Russian.

Three brand new books that quickly have caught international and national attention are Eufori – en roman om Sylvia Plath by Elin Cullhed, Ann-Helén Laestadius fiction book Stöld, and Jens Liljestrands climate fiction Även om allt tar slut.

Elin Cullhed’s novel was recently awarded the August prize 2021 in the category, fiction. Eufori will soon be translated into Estonian, Finnish and Norwegian. The second book Stöld tells, through the reindeer herder Elsa, about the tensions that span through generations between sami and other people. Stöld will be translated into German and Finnish. Även om allt tar slut by Jens Liljestrand centres around Sweden and the escalation of the climate change, the fiction book will be translated into Danish and Norwegian.

We have also noticed that one of Sweden’s top classics, Selma Lagerlöf, is still of high interest as three of her books will be translated into other languages.

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