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The Persian translation by Namdar Nasser-Qasri received the Flying Turtle Award.

Award Winning Translations of The Sand Wolf

The Sand Wolf series by the author Åsa Lind has been praised by children and critics all over the world. The Catalan translation of the popular illustrated Swedish children’s book has now been awarded the Children´s Literature Prize Atrapallibres. The Persian translation also won first prize of the prestigious Flying Turtle Awards, annually presented to top children's writers in Iran.

The Sand Wolf, first published in 2002, contains a number of heart-warming, poetic stories about a friendship between a girl and a sand wolf. The first book was published in 2002 with two sequels – More of Sand Wolf and The Sandwolf and the Whole Show.

The Persian translation by Namdar Nasser-Qasri won the gold medal of the 9th edition of the prestigious Flying Turtle Award in Iran and the Catalan translation by Carolina Moreno Tena has just received the Award for Children's Literature Atrapallibres (Catch-a-book). The aim of the Atrapallibres prize is to stimulate imaginative reading in children and the jury consists of 3500 nine-year-old Catalan children at primary schools and libraries in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the region of Valencia.

Åsa Lind writes both fiction and non-fiction and her books are particularly noted for their understanding of the child’s point of view and comprehension of the world, while her writing is admired by critics and readers alike for its perfect pitch. Her writing is poetic and philosophical and tackles some of the larger questions a child may have in a simple manner.

The main character of the story is a little girl named Zackarina who lives in a little house by the sea. When her parents don’t want to play with her she goes down to the beach to play and talk to the sand wolf. The wolf always has time. He is sparkly and a bit philosophical and explains stuff that Zackarina does not understand.

Åsa Lind’s books are translated into numerous languages. Lind is represented by Rabén & Sjögren Agency.