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Göteborg Book Fair Digital Fellowship 2021

This year Gothenburg Book Fair will focus on digital events. Accordingly, The Fellowship program will be digital as well. One of the themes of the Book Fair will be Read, read, read, exploring all the ways to promote the lust for reading, especially among children and young adults.

The Swedish Literature Exchange team would like to contribute to this theme, so we have chosen to focus our Fellowship program on children’s and young adult literature this year.

We would hereby like to invite international publishers of children’s and YA literature who are interested in getting acquainted with Swedish literature and its representatives, as well as meeting Swedish and international colleagues to discuss common questions on publishing children’s- and YA books.

You will get:

  • an introduction to the Swedish book market from a children’s and YA publishing point of view.
  • an overview of the trends and themes in the children’s and YA books published in Sweden during 2020.
  • the chance to meet Swedish colleagues and talk about different subjects in children’ and YA publishing.
  • information about which Swedish children’s and YA books that have got a translation and production grant from the Swedish Arts Council over the years.
  • a presentation of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award and discuss promotion of books for young readers in Sweden and in your own country.
  • access to translators from Swedish into your language, contact details to Swedish agents and publishers

After the fair, we will follow up the Fellowship, with a couple of more meetings, to check in, see where you are, and  - if possible we would love to meet you in person when the time comes!

When: September 23-25

Where: Online (links to the online meetings will be provided to the participants)

How to participate:
You sign up for the Open call, then we will select 15 participants from different countries.

Deadline: The deadline for answering the open call is June 20th. We will then select the participants and send our results as soon as possible.

We look forward to receiving your application!