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Lars Norén. Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin

One of Sweden’s most prestigious playwrights, Lars Norén has passed away

On Tuesday the 26th of January 2021 we received the sad news that Lars Norén, one of Sweden's most prestigious playwrights, poets and directors passed away.

"The importance of Lars Norén as an author and dramatist is almost impossible to convey in a couple of sentences, but he was one of the greats of our time," says Eva Bonnier, senior editor at his publishing house Albert Bonniers Förlag.

His works have been seen, read and praised worldwide. Some of his more notable works include "Natten är dagens mor" (1982) together with its sequel "Kaos är granne med Gud" (1983) and "Bobby Fischer bor i Pasadena" (1990). In addition to directing plays at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, he also worked abroad including the Comédie-Française in Paris.

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