Göteborg Book Fair Fellowship program for translators and publishers

The Swedish Arts Council and Göteborg Book Fair provide a fellowship program for translators from Swedish into other languages, as well as publishers and sub-agents interested in working more with Swedish literature in translation.


The fellowship program takes place from 25–28 September 2019. (The fair is open 26-29 September 2019).


The aim for this program is to reinforce international literature exchange and raise awareness of Swedish literature of high quality in the international publishing sector and to increase the chances for Swedish authors to reach readers in other languages via translation.

Who can apply?

Translators, non-Nordic publishers and sub-agents who are interested in publishing/working with Swedish literature of high quality. Priority will be given to those who have not previously attended the fair.

What will the grant cover?

The grant will cover a part of the travel cost, accommodation for 3 nights, and entrance card to all seminars at the fair. The program is partly booked, with meetings, lectures, and evening activities, and partly open to individual programs. There will be both separate activities for translators and publishers as well as joint activities.

What should the application contain?

The applicants apply to take part in the whole program. The dates are fixed - arrival 26 September, departure 29 September. Depending on whether the applicant lives in Europe or outside Europe, two different travel sums will be granted.

For applicants travelling from Europe, the travel grant sum is SEK 2 500, and for applicants travelling from outside of Europe the sum is SEK 7 000. The hotel is already paid for.

For publishers, a presentation of recent publications and where appropriate, description of contacts with Swedish publishing houses/agencies should be enclosed. For sub-agents, a description of the agency and its activities should be enclosed. For translators, an updated CV should be enclosed.
Information should also be provided regarding the type of literature the applicant works with (literature for children and young people, fiction, or non-fiction).

Please note that, for publishers/sub-agents, applications can only be submitted by the publishing houses/agencies and payments are only possible to publishing houses/agencies. This does not apply for translators, who represent themselves. The Swedish Arts Council takes care of the hotel reservation and hotel payment. The travel grant will be paid to the applicant organization’s account, and the applicant makes travel arrangements.

Decision will be made in the middle of May, and we will send an email to the selected participants.


Elin Hellström
Göteborg Book Fair
Telephone: +46 31 708 84 08

Susanne Bergström Larsson 
Swedish Arts Council
Telephone: +46 8 519 264 83


Application dates 2019: 
5 february - 4 april

Please note that applications received by the Swedish Arts Council after 24.00 on the last application date will be rejected.

The application forms are only available during the application period.

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