New Swedish Books

Autumn 2016

This autumn sees many exciting new names joining the established landmarks on Sweden’s literary map. In the latest issue of New Swedish Books you will find books by many of them.

In this publication independent writers and critics present a selection of the most exciting titles, in prose as well as poetry, children’s and young adult literature and comics. As usual, the titles here are selected for their literary quality. The columnists are asked to pick the books that they think are the very best of this season. Nothing less.

The selection of books for children and young adults has been put together by Anna Hällgren, librarian and critic. Fiction and poetry have been selected by Arne Johnsson, poet, critic and librarian. Comics and graphic novels have been chosen by Ola Hellsten, artistic director and librarian at Serieteket, Sweden’s only comics library.

This year, Swedish Literature Exchange is putting poetry in the spotlight. Earlier this year we published a well-received separate issue covering Swedish poetry from 1902 to today. In the autumn issue of New Swedish Books we highlight two indispensable poetry collections for children, by the well-established writers Mårten Melin and Lena Sjöberg.

Printed copies of New Swedish Books will be available at the Gothenburg Book Fair, A02:20 and at the Frankfurt Book Fair, 5.0 A19.

More information about Swedish Literature Exchange can be found online at

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