New Swedish Performing Arts

New Swedish Performing Arts is a presentation of what performing arts from Sweden can look like. We hope that you will find it inspiring, mind-blowing and perhaps even somewhat disturbing. What we know is that you are likely to find it diverse and fragmental. Because this is really what the performing arts scene in Sweden is – diverse. This catalogue contains work for babies, children and adults, with artistic expressions ranging from circus to ballet, and everything in between and beyond.

International collaborations are essential in ensuring a diverse cultural field and high-quality work. Swedish performing arts move around the globe, bringing back ideas, artistry, inspiration and new colleagues. We hope that this catalogue can mark the start of even more collaborations and new relationships.

One thing that those participating here have in common is that they all receive funding for their work through the Swedish Arts Council or the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, and we are proud to introduce them to you.

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