New Swedish books for young readers

Spring 2013

There is a special focus on Swedish books for children and young people this year, because Sweden is guest of honour at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. This makes it especially gratifying for me to present this extended introduction to many of the interesting titles published in Sweden in 2012 and early 2013. The important task of producing this survey has been given to Åsa Warnqvist, critic and researcher of children’s literature, who is currently also employed at the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books. She has selected the titles she considers worthy of extra attention and also provides a short overview of each category. I hope you find something here to tempt you to take a closer look. In this brochure you will find all you need to know about the books, plus contact information for the publishers and agents. There are also details of the financial support that is available. We also take a look at past and present promotion of Swedish literature around the world.
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