New Swedish Books

Spring 2018

The best of the latest Swedish Literature collected in one publication - New Swedish Books, produced by the Swedish Arts Council’s department for Swedish Literature Exchange.

It is important to stress that it’s not us who chooses the books to be presented here. The selection is made by independent writers, each an expert in their particular field. Their mission is to pick the books they consider to be the very best each season. This spring the writers are: Martina Lowden (Fiction and Poetry), Stina Otterberg (Non-fiction), Mia Österlund (Children’s and YA Literature), Markus Pedersen (Comics).
From the list of spring publications the writers have noticed a strong trend, when it comes to children’s and Young Adult fiction, for everyday realism, particularly depicting mothers, both strong and weak. In terms of fiction you wouldn't be mistaken in thinking that the books this spring are the most carnal of recent years, with plenty of lustful descriptions, erotic desires, and infatuations.
This year we are also including a section on narrative non-fiction. It’s a genre that has increasingly been a growth area on the international market. Many Nordic non-fiction authors have been translated into several languages and are subsequently able to reach a greater audience than just their home one.
Happy Reading!



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