Photo: Enrica Hallvarsson

The World in Sweden and Sweden in the World

For the second year running ‘Översättargruvan’  [The Translators’ Mine] was organized in Norberg, Västmanland. This year author Aris Fioretos took part, together with six translators of his novels, on the theme of ‘The World in Sweden and Sweden in the World’.

Enrica Hallvarsson, librarian at the National Library of Sweden, and Elena Balzamo, French translator and writer, are the initiators of ‘Översättargruvan’. Their goal is to create opportunities for translators to meet colleagues working on the same author and give them the chance to discuss the writing in detail as well as any practical issues that they may have encountered.

Aris Fioretos recently published the novel Mary in 2015, nominated for the August Prize, and in 2016 was awarded the literary prize ‘Sveriges Radios Romanpris’.

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