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Send domestic letters or parcels

When you send material to us by post, the size of the letter or parcel determines which address you should use.

Letters and small parcels

If your letter or parcel weighs less than 2 kilos, send it to our postal address.

Box 27215
102 53 Stockholm

In order for your parcel to be traceable, we recommend that you use a postal agent. For example, you can find the “Skicka lätt” service on Postnord's website. There you print a consignment note to paste on the parcel. It is important to follow the instructions carefully otherwise the parcel will be returned.

Go to “Skicka lätt” on Postnord's website

Please notice, if a first-class letter is too large, it may be sent in return. The sum of length + width + height should not be more than 90 centimeters.

Large parcels

If your parcel weighs more than 2 kilos, you can book Postnord's business package, Postnord Parcel. Send it to our visiting address.

Borgvägen 3
115 53 Stockholm

Book Postnord Parcel