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The newsletters will help you keep abreast with current support schemes for translation, literature projects and travel.

It will also contain up-to-date information about the Swedish Arts Council’s work to promote Swedish literature, and about domestic literary developments and events of interest to an international audience. The newsletter are published four times annually, but the website swedishliterature.se is updated continually, so don’t forget to visit regularly.

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When you send material to us by post, the size of the letter or parcel determines which address you should use. For the translation grant: when sending the published translation follow our instructions that is being sent to you. Please mention your case number as reference, and do not write any personal name as recipient on the parcel.

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Swedish Arts Council PO Box 27215 SE-102 53 Stockholm Sweden


General issues and technical support

Susanne Bergström Larsson

Head of Swedish Literature Exchange

Maria Antas

Translation grants, Grants for translators

Matilda Ekström

Communications Officer

Susanna Höijer

Grants for translators

Felice Jackson Rova

Grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama