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Applying for grants

Find information about our grants within Swedish Literature Exchange, and how to apply through our online system or via a Word application form. You can also read about how the application system works, from the submission to the disbursement of a grant and get tips of other authorities and organisations, awarding grants to professional cultural activities. Furthermore, you can apply for grants in other areas, such as music, performing arts and visual arts. Information and application forms for those projects can be found on the Swedish part of our website and is applied together with a Swedish partner.

How we work to promote international collaboration

We work to strengthen and increase international exchange and collaboration through:

  • Promoting Swedish literature abroad through our Literature Exchange program. Within Swedish Literature Exchange, we have a number of grants for translators of Swedish literature.

  • Coordinating the Swedish presence in international fairs for the performing arts. On our own, or together with others, we arrange conferences to strengthen international exchange and collaboration. 

  • To promote Swedish music abroad, the Swedish Arts Council awards a yearly grant to Export Music Sweden, an organisation working to strengthen the position of Swedish music globally.

Within several of our grants it is possible to apply for funding of international collaboration and exchange. You can, for example, apply for grants regarding national and international projects and efforts within our regular grants for organisations working within art and design, independent performing arts, literature, and music.

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