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A group of women sitting at a table and talking.A group of women sitting at a table and talking.A group of women sitting at a table and talking.

Participants in the Göteborg Book Fair Fellowship. Photo: Anna von Brömssen

About Swedish Literature Exchange

There is a great international interest in Swedish literature. The Swedish Arts Council is the authority with responsibility for promoting Swedish literature in translation. Through Swedish Literature Exchange we coordinate a number of efforts within the field.

The Swedish Literature Exchange team consists of five people, where two are working full-time and two are working in part with other tasks in the literature field in Sweden. The office belongs to the Swedish Art Council’s department for literature and libraries.

Grants and international networks 

Among other things, we award grants every year to translations and literature events, we participate in international networks and book fairs, and we arrange special visitor programmes in Sweden for foreign publishing houses and translators.  We perform active work to strengthen the translators, through grants, workshops, and conferences.

Here you get an overview of the grants you can apply for within the Swedish Literature Exchange

Book fairs and collective stands

We arrange special conferences for translators, visitor programmes for foreign publishers, and participate in the larger international book fairs. In Frankfurt, we coordinate the Swedish collective stand for Swedish publishers, organisations and agencies. In London, we coordinate, in cooperation with our Nordic colleagues, a Nordic collective stand for Nordic publishing houses and agencies. Contact us if you want to participate in these collective stands as a Swedish exhibitor.

New Swedish Books 

In addition, we offer information on Swedish literature in the publication New Swedish Books, and have an overview of the active translators from Swedish to other languages, and of course, the active actors in the Swedish book business.

Here you can read the latest issue of New Swedish Books, released in spring 2020

Swedish bookmarket

We give you the resources to find your way to the Swedish literary world!


Literary agencies and organisations