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Photo, close up on the side of an open book.Photo, close up on the side of an open book.Photo, close up on the side of an open book.

The Swedish Book Market

We have recorded two lectures on what’s currently happening on the Swedish book market, each 30 minutes and subtitled in English. One of them gives you general information on the rapid changes in Swedish publishing, and since we are particularly focusing on children’s and young adult literature at the moment, we also offer a presentation with more in depth knowledge in this area.

The Swedish Book Market
trends and figures in the Swedish Book Market 2020

Ann Steiner, Associate Professor at Lund University, Division of Book Publishing, Design and Marketing at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, talks about sales, publishers, conditions, facts and figures and much more. 

Swedish Book Market Webinar (YouTube)

The Book Tasting –
trends in Swedish Children’s and YA books 2019

“This year’s report includes examinations of climate and environmental issues in children’s literature, audiobooks, and fantasy. Other prominent themes in the children’s books of 2019 are depictions of sex and sexual assault, the naked body, collectivism, and horror.”

Each year the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books issues a report on the books published for children and young adults in Sweden in the previous year. The report investigates a wide variety of elements in these books. In this webinar, Sofia Gydemo and Kajsa Bäckius present the findings from their research on the books published in 2019. A written report translated into English is available on the website of the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books.

The reports on the Book Tasting, translated into English are available on the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books web.

The Booktasting Report (YouTube)