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Distribution of grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama

For the second distribution round 2023, we have received applications from 15 countries. New applicants and new literary authors are included in this grant round, which also supports the international visibility of several Swedish female writers of comics.

Four festival organisers who have not previously applied for funding from us are granted. Another new applicant is Croatian Literary Translators' Association who is granted support for translation workshops between Swedish and Croatian. Two of this round's applications concern the participation of Swedish writers of comic books in international comic festivals.   

We are pleased to see many applications of high quality which enable Swedish literature to reach out internationally.  

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International promotion of Swedish literature and drama, second application round 2023

Grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama

Cover image: Bim Eriksson will be represented at Treviso Comic Book Festival, photo: Ingegerd Eriksson.


Felice Jackson Rova

  • Grants for international promotion

Matilda Ekström

  • Communications officer