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Gothenburg Book Fair Fellowship 2023

This year we had the pleasure of having twelve publishers and eight translators in our Fellowship program at the Gothenburg Book Fair.

The program included a lecture on the Swedish book market, a round table meeting with Swedish publishers, a panel talk on new voices in fiction, a lecture on trends and topics in Swedish narrative nonfiction as well as a book lunch for translators and publishers.

For the translators we also arranged a workshop on some practical challenges the translators deal with in their daily work. We also arranged a live Translator salon called  Staden, förorten, drömmarna och bomberna, (“The City, the Suburbs and the Bombs”) with a panel of three Swedish authors, for all translators who were present at the book fair as well as those who attended online.

In between the scheduled events, the participants had time to make their own appointments, listen to seminars or just experience everything the book fair had to offer.

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Gothenburg Book Fair Fellowship