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Image -Joanna Rubin Dranger_ photo Anna Widoff.jpgImage -Joanna Rubin Dranger_ photo Anna Widoff.jpgImage -Joanna Rubin Dranger_ photo Anna Widoff.jpg

Joanna Rubin Dranger is the award winner of the 2023 Nordic Council Literature Prize

The Swedish author received the prize for her genre-transcending work, Ihågkom oss till liv.

Joanna Rubin Dranger was awarded the prize during an award ceremony in Olso, Norway on the 31st of October 2023. Dranger received the Nordlys statuette and 300 000 DKK.

This combined research and book project has resulted in a beautiful work, which calls itself a documentary novel on the cover but is so much more: graphic novel, historical story, writer’s diary of sorts, and autobiography, where the narrator’s personal life is interwoven with major political happenings.” norden.org

Title: Ihågkom oss till liv
Swedish publisher: Albert Bonniers förlag
Foreign rights: Bonnier rights

About the prize

The Nordic Council Literature Prize has been awarded since 1962 and goes to a literary work written in one of the Nordic languages. A total of 14 works were nominated for this year’s literature prize.

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Photo: Anna Widoff.