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Nino Mick, who debuted with Twenty-Five Thousand Miles of Nerves, will participate in the Oslo International Poetry Festival. Photo: Nadim Elazzeh.

Swedish poets in the spotlight

For the second distribution round of our Grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama in 2024, we approved 22 applications involving more than 35 Swedish authors. The round was highlighted by several literature festivals inviting Swedish poets to participate.

Some of the projects that we support: 

Oslo International Poetry Festival in Norway features a strong representation of Swedish poets and emerging voices. This year’s edition includes Hanna Hallgren, Nino Mick, Timimie Märek, Hanna Rajs, Jenny Thunedal, and Burcu Zahin, among others. 

Maison des Écrivains Étrangers et des Traducteurs, an international literary festival in France, focuses on translations and bilingualism. This year’s theme is Sweden and Tunisia and highlights the countries’ maritime proximity. The poet Jilia Mossaed, along with three other Swedish authors, has been invited to contribute literary texts to the anthology Stories by the Sea. 

The International Literature Festival in Berlin, Germany, will invite four Swedish authors, including two Swedish-Sami poets, Linnea Axelsson and Timimie Märak. The events consist of public panel discussions and readings. 

The 30th Genoa International Poetry Festival in Italy aims to promote contemporary poetry and strengthen the literary relationship between Italy and Sweden. The festival has invited Jesper Svenbro and Ulf Ericsson to participate in readings and lectures, and to contribute to the festival’s anthology celebrating its 30th anniversary. 

We are pleased to see many high-quality applications that enable Swedish literature to reach an international audience. 

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Grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama

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