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Image -Sårad Ängel-Dramaten-Sara-Stridsberg-Sören-Vilks.jpgImage -Sårad Ängel-Dramaten-Sara-Stridsberg-Sören-Vilks.jpgImage -Sårad Ängel-Dramaten-Sara-Stridsberg-Sören-Vilks.jpg

Grants for translators of Swedish literature

In this year’s second application round 24 projects for work related travel, sample translations and mentorship were approved. The round includes sample translations of two dramas by Sara Stridsberg and in September several translators will travel to the Gothenburg Book Fair.

Two applications involve fiction by the author Sara Stridsberg, whose play Sårad ängel will be sample translated into Portuguese and the play Svindel will be sample translated into English.

We also approved grants for mentorship, work travel to Stockholm and to the Swedish Biennale for Performing Arts, and sample translations with works by Linnea Axelsson, Stig Dagerman, Tomas Tranströmer and Moa Backa Åstot.

The total amount granted in this application round is SEK 195 400.

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More information about this round and allocated grants

Grants for translators of Swedish literature

Image: Sårad ängel, The Royal Dramatic Theatre, photo: Sören Vilks.