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International promotion of Swedish literature and drama

We indeed see that the literary world is opening again! We have now closed the third application round where 16 applications were approved. Together these projects, indeed, showcase a beautiful multitude of genres, regions and writers.

Let us mention a few of them: Moa Romanova will present her graphic novel Xx in both Slovenia and Serbia, the French publishing house CNRS Editions arranges a reading tour to present Elin-Anna Labba’s Sámi Lives, and in Istanbul both playwriter Alexander Salzberger and poet Ida Börjel will be introduced. The festival Les Boréales in Normandy has invited Sweden to be their guest of honor when they celebrate its 30th anniversary and they will arrange readings for nine Swedish writers. The recently launched online magazine Scrypth in the UK is preparing for a issues about conceptual poetry.

Also, we look forward to hearing more about upcoming translator’s seminars that will be arranged in Poland (focus on non-fiction) and the Czech Republic (focus on emerging translators). Good luck all recipients for your preparations!

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More information about this round and distributed grants

Grants for international promotion of Swedish literature and drama

Photo: poster for the festival Les Boréales in Normandy.