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Yohann Floch, generalsekreterare för EDNYohann Floch, generalsekreterare för EDNYohann Floch, generalsekreterare för EDN

Yohann Floch, generalsekreterare för EDN

Två webbinarier om Kreativa Europas prioriteringar gällande ekologisk hållbarhet och digitalisering

Vi har bjudit in Yohann Floch, generalsekreterare för det europeiska nätverket European Dancehouse Network (EDN) att hålla två webbinarier som förberedelse inför den kommande programperiodens utlysningar.

Kreativa Europa inkluderar flera prioriterade områden. I vår webbinarieserie i april 2021 kommer vi att fokusera på två av dessa fokusområden: ekologisk omställning och det digitala skiftet.

Webbinarierna kommer att hållas på engelska och innehålla en frågestund.

Det går bra att anmäla sig till ett eller båda webbinarierna. De vänder sig till svenska såväl som internationella aktörer som planerar ansöka inom programmet eller bara är allmänt intresserade. Webbinarierna är relevanta för verksamma inom samtliga konstområden, samt även universitet, regioner, kommuner etc.

13 april kl 14-15.30
Webbinarium om Kreativa Europas prioritering gällande ekologisk omställning

20 april kl 14-15.30
Webbinarium om Kreativa Europas prioritering gällande det digitala skiftet

About Yohann Floch
Based in Copenhagen, Yohann Floch is the Secretary General of EDN-European Dancehouse Network. He has been a cultural consultant working for independent arts organisations and cultural institutions, and an advocate for arts & culture, tirelessly supporting cultural exchanges in Europe and with other continents. Passionate about the contemporary performing arts, he has designed, coordinated or contributed to many European cooperation projects and pilot international collaborations over the years, including recently Perform Europe (led by IETM), Europe Beyond Access (led by British Council), Learning Trajectories (led by Eunia), SHIFT (led by the European Music Council), i-Portunus (led by Goethe Institut), Innovative Leadership Network (led by Dansehallerne) among others.

He has been an external expert for governmental bodies as well as private foundations and other organisations active in artistic programming, cultural entrepreneurship or internationalisation strategies. He is a guest lecturer at universities, facilitates professional gatherings and leads workshops on international networking, capacity building and strategic management. He currently contributes to several international mentoring programmes such as PARI (France) or Rebonds (Belgium).

Board member of On the Move, the international network dedicated to cultural mobility, Yohann also leads FACE, a European platform facilitating collaboration in the contemporary performing arts field and developing capacity building programmes for artists and culture professionals. Finally, he is international advisory board member of the Danish organisation IMMART-International Migration Meets the Arts. He holds a MA in Compared Literature from the University of Provence and a Specialisation in Cultural Management and Communication from IC.COM Paris.

About the webinar

Creative Europe Desk Sweden – Culture has invited Yohann Floch, Secretary General of European Dancehouse Network (EDN) to hold two webinars that will help you prepare for the upcoming calls in Creative Europe.

Creative Europe includes several priority areas. In our series of webinars in April 2021, we will put focus on two of these priorities: ecological transition and the digital shift.

The webinars will be held in English and include a Q&A session.

You can register for either one or both webinars. The webinars are of interest for you that plan to apply within Creative Europe or just have a general interest in the topics. The webinars are of interest for professionals within all the cultural and creative sectors, including universities, regions and local councils etc.